The Way – New Film on the Way of St. James

The Way of Saint James (El Camino de Santiago de Compostela)

First of three previews.

Film released on the 28th of October.


The Way is a new film by that documents filmmaker Mark Shea’s journey along the ancient Spanish pilgrimage route, the Way of Saint James ( El Camino de Santiago de Compostela)

Mark was fascinated by the mystical and spiritual experiences pilgrims encounter on the Camino, and wished to document his own revelations.

Mark started his journey on the French/Spanish border and walked 760 km’s across Northern Spain, lugging his own camera gear.

The Camino ends at Santiago de Compostela where it is said Saint James is buried. The pilgrimage was extremely popular in the middle ages, and is believed to even pre-date Christianity, being traversed by the Celts, who first noticed the route mirrors the celestial Milky Way.

Today the Camino is walked by people from all round the world, for a variety of reasons, and many believe the journey to be a life changing experience

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2 thoughts on “The Way – New Film on the Way of St. James

  1. Is the film on the Camino Frances?
    How long is the film?
    Where will it be available?
    What is the cost?

    Buen camino!


  2. Hi Sil

    I did walk the Camino Frances. The film will be around the 90 minute mark, maybe a bit shorter, just fine tuning now.
    The dvd will be available via this website and will cost $29.95 (AUD)

    BTW your site is fantastic, very imformative



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