The Way – Camino de Santiago Movie download

The Way – Camino de Santiago film is now available at our shop in both dvd and downloadable format.

The download is under 500 MB in size, is in quicktime .mov format and is set for widescreen viewing.
The download price is only $9.95 AUD and anyone who downloads the movie, and then wishes to get the dvd version, will have the price they paid for the download taken off the price they pay for the dvd, thus reducing the price of the dvd to $20 AUD (ex postage)

2 thoughts on “The Way – Camino de Santiago Movie download

  1. “The Way” is a terrific film of spiritual adventurer Mark Shea’s search for personal meaning walking along the picturesque landscape of Spain’s Way of St James. Carrying his own video equipment Mark limps through mud, rain and wind wondering if he has the stamina to keep going. We see Mark struggle to make sense of the journey and ponder some of life’s deeper mysteries. If you fast forward the film back and forth you can see Mark grow a beard in the process and become feral looking as the weeks of travel take their toll. Good to see an Australian have the courage to make a film like this as spiritual pursuits of this kind are not commonly shown or spoken about by the average Australian male. I think the Compass program on ABC-TV would be interested in showing this film on their Sunday night program Mark? Send them a copy.

  2. I hope he does – send them a copy, I mean. I agree with you that it is inspirational. It needed many sorts of ‘guts’ to do it and film it.



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