The Way – Camino de Santiago Film

Camino de Santiago Film (Way of St James)

The Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain is one of the world’s most popular Pilgrimages.

Filmmaker Mark Shea wished to explore the spiritual affect the Camino (Way of St. James)
has on pilgrims, by walking the French Way alone and documenting his own personal

The resulting film is an honest and joyous portrayal of the transformative nature of this
ancient practice.

A must see for anyone who has walked the Camino, or anyone who has plans of partaking
in this life changing experience in the future.

Interview with Filmmaker, Mark Shea.

Film Reviews of The Way

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20 thoughts on “The Way – Camino de Santiago Film

  1. amazing film, amazing experience. i am leaving tommorrow to start it, and i know much more about what i will go through. From spain, thanks for the hard work!

  2. You had a great film in Vietnam. I hope that Hai ( Ocean) will see you one more time in Vietnam. Why not?

  3. Congratulations Mark..Ur experience on El Camino was one of courage, resourcefulness and honesty..Personally i dont think u need to walk over 700 miles to find sprirituality..That comes from within and u can experience that anywhere, anytime..Its interesting to note the realities of life u acknowledged but that its important to stop and “smell the roses”..Ur beliefs lie in who u are and what u believe to be true in ur heart and guts..Something a lot of people struggle with.El Camino was an experience and a journey..and so spirituality and belief in urself can only be achieved as a coincidence of everydays life journies…Well done..Im glad i got to share that extraordinary experience of yours and good luck with u future odysseys in life.

  4. Mark, thank you for your beautiful film on The Way of St James. Wow, what an experience. I too love Spain and the people and want to take the challenge of the walk, because I do think it is a challenge, and it gives you answers to questions you didn’t even know your inner self was asking.

  5. Very well done Mark, the movie is amazing! I found you o youtube and now I found here. Was so nice to know a little bit more about the Camino and the emotions included in this all journey!
    I´m preparing myself to do The Camino in October of 2011, in a few months. I still don´t know why I doing it, i juts fell that is gonna be incredible! And I should not wait more for that.
    Thanks again for sharing your great experience,
    From Brazil,

  6. Thanks Flavia, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Dear Mark
    I would like to ask you if your film The Way is available in german or with german subtitles I would love to watch it with my dad. My dad has recently survived surgery and I m building a relationship with him now after a lifelong struggle. He had a dream the him and I would be walking the Camino. Someone from my program More to life suggested that I watch your film with him, after I had done a forgiveness process on him. Would be very grateful for some info. Congrats on your channel by the way, wonderful success, great thing you have done!
    Would love to hear from you
    Kind regards, have a great day!

  8. Hi Chris,
    Sorry about the late reply, just found this. Sorry I do not have a German subtitle version. It would be something I would like to do, subtitle the whole film.
    I will look into it, but as I am traveling at the moment, not sure when I will get it done
    It could be done on youtube, would just need the original english script added.



  9. he mark,

    did you find your camera back in trunyan/lake batur area in indonesia? (asks the guy you gave a lift, cheers for that again…) just returned home, had a fantastic trip… so anyways, waited there for a while, then walked all the way back to kintamani, just wondered if you found it or stumbled into something else…

    nice videos btw,

    hope you’re having a great time over there,


  10. Hi Matthias
    Ended up going back to village, someone found the camera on the side of the road, first placed we stopped. Stayed late with villagers, had a meal. It was really great, probably my best experience in Bali. Then rode the bike back to Ubud in the dark, that was hell, cold until I got outta the highlands, fun day!

  11. How inspiring. I wish one day to experience a little of what you managed to experience and share with other people.

  12. Le film m’a beaucoup touché je l’ai vu en Version Originale j’aimerai l’acheter en version française merci de me renseigner………….. ultreia !!!

  13. Hi Mark

    Friend of mine suggested the Movie The Way
    with Martin Sheen.
    I was interested in the beautiful scenery from this movie. Prompted me to have a look on the web. Then I came across your experience.
    Always thinking and discovering things myself. In your movie you mention living in the presence and the moment. How simple it is. Its in every message and sign we ever hear. And you also talked about your connection with god. Its simple. We are the ones who complicate our lives.
    Hope to do the walk one day.

  14. i only read comment, can’t watch any vedio

  15. Hi Mark thanks for the upload of your Camino experience. I enjoyed watching it very much. Although I haven’t done the Camino Frances (only the last few stages) I have walked 3 other Camino’s in Spain. Your movie did bring back a lot of fond memories though. My reason for doing the camino was more pedestrian, I like walking and wanted to experiencing the Spanish culture, so combining the two was ideal. Unlike you I did not experience (as far as I know) any spiritual enlightenment, however I must say that I enjoyed the scenery and the camaraderie. I found that after completing my 1000 Kilometres or so the ending was always the saddest / happiest time of of all.. I wanted to go back and do it all over again. I am sure you know what I mean. Anyway thank you again. John

  16. Wow! Mark I’ve read countless books and seen a half dozen dics on The Camino – all of which move me closer to taking the trek – but I have to say, something about yours (maybe the rawness of it) really resonated with me, I’d love to know, now that you’ve had time to absorb it, was it a spiritual journey after all? Thank you for sharing your story. Really.

  17. Hi Terry, Thanks for your kind words. I’ve found nothing else like the Camino. It is such a unique experience. For the modern mind, it is a great way to learn to meditate. It forces one to be in the present. The Camino set me on a path, since then I’ve tried things like Vipassana Meditation, which I found takes one even further into meditative states

  18. Fantastic! Mark. Thank you for sharing your unique experience. My son is currently doing the walk for the second time.

  19. Has anyone seen the Donkeys and Disillusionment film?

    Its about a guy from Sydney that gives up the city life, buys a Donkey in France and walks across France and Spain.
    It follows, over a 6 year period, the life stories of 5 pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago and San Pastue the donkey. Walking with them on the Camino trail and following up 6 years later when each pilgrim has returned home.
    Amazing story!

  20. Hi Mark,
    Ive only just found this film……about 10+ years too late! It was reAlly enjoyable to reenact my own Camino EXPERIENCES from Back in 2017 through your earlier film.
    I really enjoyed it. Im heading bak in SEPTEMBER 2020, cycling from Northern England to southern france and THEN Re walking the Camino de Frances. I’ll be writing my second book on the Camino. It really was aN amazing EXPERIENCE in 2017. Thanks for RECONNECTING me with some fantastic memories. Hope you found the girl by the way!

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