The ‘ShoulderLander’ – Shoulder Support for Small HD Video Camera

Shoulderlander modeled by the Overlander

I have searched far and wide on the internet to find a shoulder support for my new XH-A1. I dislike hand-held cameras with no shoulder support. I tried finding one to purchase, but none allowed me to still connect to a tripod.

So I made my own, ‘The ShoulderLander’

The Shoulderlander prototype is made up of an aluminium bar about 35cm x 5cm, a bit of foam on the bottom, a hand made (longer) tripod bolt

My paglight C6 battery for my on camera light kit sits nicely above the shoulderlander as a counterweight, if needed. I just use two big elastic rubber bands to hold it on. Works a treat, but when attached, wont allow access to the battery apartment.

If I was to do another, I would probably use a 4cm wide piece of aluminium and have it maybe 3mm thick instead of 6mm. Then I could bend the end to fit around my shoulder if needed.

The hardest part of building this was making the tripod bolt. (1.4-20) as you can’t buy them from hardware stores.

I really can’t believe not one camera manufacturer (apart from Sony, who make the ridiculously priced VCTFXA) make a shoulder support THAT also allows connection to a tripod.

I’m new to these ‘handheld’ cams, and really believe if you are using them with manual settings, you need a 3rd arm (ie shoulder pad) so you are not getting ‘wobblyshot’ when you make adjustments.

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2 thoughts on “The ‘ShoulderLander’ – Shoulder Support for Small HD Video Camera

  1. Gosh, I’m envious of you folks who can make practical, worthy stuff out of your hands, heads and the stuff of garages. Bravo! If you were to make a bend at the end to give the device further stability I would think an additional advantage would be a sliding plate and bolt for length adjustment (for the commercial rather than custom market). Good luck with that!

  2. Very ingenious Mark.

    I do see what you mean about 3mm piece to be bent to fit your shoulder though.

    Mind out. You might be getting orders placed.

    All the best.


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