The Overlander’s ‘Backpack Filmmaking Secrets’

Over the weekend I loaded in some footage on a project I haven’t looked at for quite a while. A project I haven’t been able to bring myself to finish.

In 2004 I walked the ‘Way of Saint James’ in Spain. The journey was something I had planned to do ever since reading Paulo Coelho’s book, ‘The Pilgrimage’ two years earlier.

I was fascinated by the mysticism and history of the ‘El Camino’. Of particular interest was the fact many people who did the ‘Camino’ believed it was a life changing experience.

I wanted to explore this concept, and wished to document my own feelings and experiences as I journeyed along ‘The Ancient Way’ I wanted to try and be completely honest with what I was feeling, and I was…and maybe this is part of the reason why I have found it so hard to edit a version of my journey, to which I am happy with. The filmmaker stepped out from behind the camera, and became the subject. This was something I wasn’t used to.

I will soon be featuring short segments from my journey, in the order that it happened. The first days, cleanly shaven and unsure of what I was doing, in the latter part, wild eyed and unkempt, waxing lyrically about meditation and mother earth!

Thirty two days on the road, Eighteen Kilograms of gear on my back, Seven Hundred and Sixty Kilometres by foot. An amazing experience, and eight kilograms lighter at the end of it all!

First I’d like to feature a short segment that helps people understand how a one person crew manages to make a film about themselves.

All the shots of me merrily walking along, actually require a little bit of organising….as you will see in the clip above.


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