The Next Adventure – Los Angeles – Story on Online Video Industry

I’m next heading to Los Angeles where I will then travel down through central America, sail the Caribbean and boogie down to South America.

While in America I wish to do a short documentary about the ever evolving online video landscape. I hope to interview some of the top youtubers in L.A., visit a youtube network, travel up to San Fran to visit youtube’s headquarters and then head down to Solana Beach to visit a business that is an offshoot of new media, gopro.

I filmed this story using my new video sunglasses. After watching a few promo videos of various models I decided to get a pair from quiver hd
The footage and audio featured have had no colour correction or audio mixing.

The footage was filmed around my dad’s house and features his rose garden and his man cave. Note must be made that this is the first footage of his cave and usually such sacred men’s sites are not open to women. So this is very special ‘never before seen’ footage! Jess the ancient Jack Russell cross is my brothers dog.

My cyclops glasses feature a 5 mp chip,1280 x 720 (720p HD) at 30 frames per second (fps),16:9 frame, AVI format, Digital video motion stabilising, Narrow Angle 72° Field of View (FOV)
I will do a video review of them once I have given them a good test out. Video compressed at 5000 kbits/sec

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