The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – The Tent Boxer

‘Cowboy’ Blair Wilson is a tent boxing legend. He gave away a promising professional boxing career to live the ramblin’ life of a tent boxer.

For twelve years Cowboy has fought in the tent (most of his adult life) and has never once been defeated.

A tent boxer doesn’t only have to be handy with the gloves, Cowboy explains what it is to be a great tent boxer.

7 thoughts on “The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – The Tent Boxer

  1. interesting, the music works well

  2. that sounds really great, I would love to watch a tent fight…
    Nice blog you have!

  3. Is it possible to purchase a copy of the video previewed ‘The Last Outback boxing troup – the Tent Boxer’? My indigenous partner and his father both boxed for Jimmy Sharman and i am trying to collect as much information on tent boxing to give him for his 60th birthday.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  4. Hi Kerry
    I don’t currently have the master tapes with me, so can’t make you a good quality copy.

    As I did this story for the ABC, it might be best to contact Jo Upham of the ABC and see if they will do a copy.

    best of luck


  5. IS the Boxing troupe coming to Birsbane soon.
    Cheers Adam

  6. Hi Adam

    Best to contact Fred at the Cracow Hotel on (0)7 4993-7118 to find out their schedule.



  7. pete says g day.doing well from the west.looking forward to seeing you in birdsville.

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