The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – The Last of the Showmen

Fred Brophy is the World's Last Tent Boxing Showman, the son of a sideshow operator and a trapeze artist, he is fourth generation carny folk.

Before television and radio, there was a strong outback tradition of storytelling. Around the campfires at night people would spin their yarns, never letting truth get in the way of a good story. Fred comes from this tradition. If you are lucky enough to share a drink with him, you are sure to hear some fantastic stories.

In this story learn about what Tent Boxing is, and hear a barstool yarn from the Last of the Showmen.


2 thoughts on “The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – The Last of the Showmen

  1. Did you hop in the ring yourself ‘lander?

  2. Would have loved too, but someone had to film. I did all the production (apart from the soundtrack) myself on this one.

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