The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – The Ghost Town Pub

Filmmaker Mark Shea wanted to see the World's Last Tent Boxing Sideshow. His quest took him to Outback Queensland where he found Tent Boxing Showman, Fred Brophy running a hotel in a Ghost Town. Join Mark as he explores the Australian Tent Boxing Tradition.

Episode One – The Ghost Town Pub

Fred Brophy's wife, Sandi, always wanted to visit a Ghost Town. When she finally got her chance, visiting Cracow, 200 km west of Bundaberg, she fell in love with the Town's grand old Hotel.

The Brophy's now own the Cracow Hotel and have transformed it into the quintessential Aussie Outback Pub.

What makes an Outback Pub unique and could Cracow the Ghost Town, have a golden future?


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  1. Love the spaghetti Western start, ya dag!!

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