The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – Fight Night

Fred Brophy’s Boxing Troupe is the last tent operating in the world. Before the early 1970’s, Traveling Boxing Tents were part of the regular landscape at most country shows.

The tents have such a long tradition in Australia, that in some towns, a young man will fight in the tent, watched proudly by their grandfather and father, both of whom also fought in a tents as young men.

When Fred Brophy retires, is it the end of the road for the Tent Boxing tradition.

7 thoughts on “The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – Fight Night

  1. Mark, I like this story. I rode my old trailbike 2000km to Birdsville, just to test myself in Brophy’s tent. I too copped a shiner, it was the best souvineer i have ever got.

  2. would love the tent to come to my town. i am up for a challenge. would be sad if this could mean the end of the tent boxing tradition if he retieres.

  3. Dear Fred Brophy,
    I am a documentary photographer . I am beginning a photography/video project on travelling players which includes Boxing Troupes. I would like to include your Boxing Troupe in my exhibition. Please contact me on my email . I do hope you are still performing. I would like to locate you and hopefully speak/meet with you sometime. I look forward to your contact.
    Thank you,
    Angela Lynkushka

  4. Fred and Sandy own the Cracow Hotel in Queensland Angela. You will be able to contact them at the pub.


  5. I would like to keep up to date with the tents appearances.

  6. Fred owns the Cracow Hotel in Outback Qld. You should be able to chase up a phone number and get dates for his shows.

  7. I see..Very interessting insight into an australian tradition,let’s hope “The Cowboy” will continue the attractions,when Mr. and Mrs.Brophy retire.
    Great punching soundeffects aswell,at some point I was waiting for the “Wilhelm scream” .

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