The journey continues..

No videos for a while because I’ve been riding my motorcycle from Perth to Broome. Will be spending 2 weeks in Broome early July when l’ll be able to get some editing done.

Here are some photos of the recent places and faces I’ve seen ~

I had a blinker that needed some solder work. Pulled into the industrial area in Denham, shark bay. George was an electrician who helped me out and then let me camp out the back of his lot. he was building a 2nd shed with garage and one bedroom flat. He cared for his sick wife. One night he invited me to share a meal. He cooked up a big casserole dish of beef stew. I sampled his home brewed ale. I wanted to buy him something in return, but the bugger wouldnt accept anything other than a lunch of fresh whiting fillets. He was originally from the UK, coming out to Oz with his family as a kid. We talked late into the night about all types of things. This is the joy of traveling, when strangers become friends #travel

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What's she thinking as she looks into my eyes? #Dolphin #monkeymia

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#Birdsonawire #outback #Australia #zebrafinch #wildlife #wildlifephotography

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2 thoughts on “The journey continues..

  1. As an American who loves Australia, I have always wanted to get to Perth and perhaps go up the coast to Broome, as well as down the coast, too. I really want to hear and see what you come up with later. Please keep us all posted. My wife and I are probably headed back to Australia in February, 2017, and will see the Gold Coast and Sydney on this trip.

  2. It’s been action packed Jack. Historical monastic towns, friendly dolphins, fantastic snorkeling, tasty seafood, amazing scenery and interesting characters. The instagram photos give a small taste

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