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Michigan Urban farming Initiative – Greening of Detroit Interview

The raw interview I did with Pinky Jones about Detroit and MIUFI, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative. Pinky is the farm manager at MIUFI and discusses how Detroit has changed and why it needs urban gardens. This will feature in a bigger video feature I will do on Detroit. See Pinky’s $3000 two story, 6 […]

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Detroit – Why the Shit Hit the Fan and How Art may Save it!

Jon Chezick of Detroit Experience Factory talks about why the shit hit the fan in Detroit and how art, in the form of the Heidelberg Project, is bringing tourism, artists and art education back to Detroit. The Heidelberg Project is actively engaged in three main areas. Art and Education: We work to ensure students continue […]

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Reclaiming Detroit, One House At A Time!

I’m fascinated how neighbourhoods form, how different parts of a city attract different ethnicities or social classes and develop their own personality. Dr Bob, a Chiropractor, bought a cheap house in a predominately black neighbourhood on the Detroit City side of 8 mile 15 years ago. 8 mile forms a racial and economic divide in […]

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