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Watch, Plan, Visit! – The winning combo of Video, Business, Travel


globalI’ve been producing travel video content for over 10 years. I’m feeling the need to do more than just production. I wish to help others, video producers and tourism business, realize the full potential of travel content.

I’ve been working on something very big that I have been researching since I have been traveling.

I wish to develop two websites that will team travel videos, tourism business and video producers. will team destination and tourism business profile videos with a tourism booking engine for flights, hotels, tours, car rentals and travel insurance will allow tourism business to find local video producers to produce tried and tested business profile videos.

Both sites will work in together, with 2minprofile providing videos for

To fully understand the alchemic magic of video and tourism, read google’s recent study

Exciting times :)

Digital Nomads – Travel Blogger – Nomadic Samuel

The first of what will be a series of interviews with people living the travel dream, traveling the world and making money as they do it!
Travel Blogging –
I meet up with Samuel Jeffery of, a Canadian currently teaching in South Korea, who over the last 11 months has built up his travel blog to where it earns anything from $2000 to $6000 USD a month. I ask him what his secrets are and he reveals some interesting tips.


I don’t pay enough attention to my blinkx channel, it’s like the well performing student the teacher leaves alone because they get the work done.

Blinkx, the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine performs just as well in ad revenue for as does youtube, and minus the hassles such as getting videos flagged.

So Blinkx, I promise to pay you more attention, to never mention youtube in a video again, and to understand that I make travel videos, not youtube travel videos. The space is always changing as are the players!

Why make Travel Videos? Interviews with Youtube’s Top Travel Channels

I speak with Evan and Rachel of

They are expat American’s who have been living and teaching in South Korea for the last two years.

We talk about the process of making travel videos and I ask them why they decided to start

So you want to travel the world, the lessons learnt 9.5 mths in!

At the start of my round the world travel video adventure I made a video talking about the 7 things I wanted to achieve on my trip. 9.5 mths in I look back on what I have achieved.

The seven goals were:
*To see the world
*To film the world
*To get paid to film the world
*To get fit
*To find a traveling partner
*To make a difference
*To find a home

And what have I learnt from my travels, to observe and not react, that my view of the word is determined by the way I was brought up and the culture I was raised in. And most importantly, ‘Without people you are nothing!’

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Into the heart of darkness, the inner journey of travel


I’m heading up the river, deep into the jungle. In search of my own heart of darkness. I have cut all ties with society, my home land.

I am free, but unsure what to do with that freedom. And this is an interesting conundrum for those wanting to live the dream of the travel lifestyle. So I want to explore this in my videos, examine the realities of living a lifestyle where one is not tied to place or job.

Now the real adventure starts, deep in the Borneo jungle, the true nature of man is revealed. I’ve made contact with the local Iban people, an indigenous tribe who in the past were headhunters.
Tomorrow I visit one of the last remaining Shaman chiefs, living traditionally in a village longhouse.

“Lacking an external focus, the mind turns inward on itself and creates problems to solve, even if the problems are undefined or unimportant. If you find a focus, an ambitious goal that seems impossible and forces you to grow, these doubts disappear.” (Tim Ferris)