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How Sake is made, Kobe, Nada District, Japan

I visit the Kikumasamune Sake Brewery and Museum in the famous Nada District of Kobe. Manager Sho Murata helps me explain how Sake is made using the traditional Kimoto method. The Kikumasamune Brewery has been making Sake since 1659. For more information on Kikumasamune and how Sake is made visit http://www.kikumasamune.com/ AROUND THE WORLD TRAVEL […]

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Bali massage with happy ending, travel video guide

I discuss the two types of massages available in Bali. It is important for men in particular to be aware of this so as not to lead to misunderstanding. There is a traditional massage which one can usually get in beauty salons, and there is the complete massage, which usually finishes with a happy ending! […]

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