Lake Como’s Best Fish Dish

We sample a local speciality at Agriturismo Ca’del Lago on Lake Como. Il mosaico di Lago (trio of fish) is a simple, yet delicious dish comprising a trio of local caught fish – Laverello topped with sliced zucchini and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, Twite Shad lovingly encrusted with a coat bread and herbs and juvenile line-caught trout wearing a suit of almonds and butter.

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Isla Mujeres, Mexico – Bar, Restaurant, Accommodation and Marina

We have been staying at Bahia Tortuga on Isla Mujeres off the Mexican Caribbean Coast. Bahia Tortuga has a great bar, which has music most nights of the week, a restaurant serving American and Mexican Food, Accommodation and Mooring for yachts. Hosts Danny and Rhonda, both from southern USA helped us plan our trip to Cuba and we have had many a fun night at their rocking bar.

Korean BBQ – No Carb Caveman Weight Loss Diet

Cook-it-yourself Korean BBQ is my favourite aspect of Korean Cuisine. Samuel Jeffery of and I share a BBQ and explain how it follows the no carbs Paleolithic or Caveman diet, that is encompassing foods similar to that of what cavemen ate before humans started farming. The Caveman diet doesn’t include grains and is suppose to be good for those with food allergies and those wishing to lose weight. The theory is having no carbohydrates in your diet encourages weight loss.
With a Korean BBQ you pay for a plate of meat, cook it yourself and all the extras, like lettuce leaves, garlic, ssamjang sauce, onion, bean sprouts, cucumber salad, chilli and kimchi can be replaced if needed at no extra cost.


When traveling to foreign locales it is always important to remember that some strange local dishes may not agree with you. In Beppu Japan I tried a a local delicacy, raw horse meat, with dire consequences.

Thanks to Jevoen for camera work and behind the scenes comments and waitress ‘Pho’ who endured my bad jokes and mis-pronunciation of her name.

Balinese Homestyle cooking, Travel Video Guide

Take a look at some of the dishes you will eat when staying with a Balinese family. Balinese food tends to be sweet and/or spicy.

Singapore Chilli Crab, Travel Video Guide

Chilli Crab is a signature dish for which Singapore is famous. In this video I try the dish discussing it’s delicate flavours. The chilli is not hot in the recipe, it is of a soup texture, sweet and savoury. Mud crabs are used in the meal and the sauce is a mixture of tomato and chilli. The stir fried crab meat adds a lovely sweetness to the dish.

“Looking to travel to Singapore?, Now is the perfect time to go, with loads of cheap flights available from competing airlines and Singapore holiday packages to fit every budget. There’s something for everyone with the diverse cultures Singapore has to offer. Venture out through the markets for cheap meals or visit the 5 star restaurants of Singapore city, one thing you can be assured of is a good time.”

Business Promo Video, Port Douglas Dining Experience

Really enjoyed putting this promo together. Nothing like a week in the tropics to escape Melbourne’s cold!

My job is made so much easier when I deal with passionate people, and the staff at Flames of the Forest really were like one big happy family.

Technically, an interesting shoot, in that I could not use lighting in certain shots.

Owner, Amelia Hannaford, had read about my documentary style business profiles in a local newspaper article and decided this was the best way to capture the personable, service orientated nature of her unique business.

I work with a lot of tourism businesses, and Flames of the Forest represents a belief I have about successful ventures, if a business is run by passionate people, that passion flows down through the staff.

I thoroughly recommend checking this one out. 🙂