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Heading Home after 639 Days on the Road

After 639 days on the Road I am heading back to Australia. Unfortunately my father hasn’t done so well after a major operation, so I have decided to return home. So after all this time on the road I discuss what I have learnt and give tips for anyone wishing to do the same. I […]

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So you want to travel the world, the lessons learnt 9.5 mths in!

At the start of my round the world travel video adventure I made a video talking about the 7 things I wanted to achieve on my trip. 9.5 mths in I look back on what I have achieved. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VgzCP2pE44 The seven goals were: *To see the world *To film the world *To get paid to […]

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How to get paid to travel the world with your video camera

We are currently developing courses on how to make money with your video camera as you travel. We would love your advice with regard to what you would like to learn. Please visit our courses page for more information. Never before has there been a time in history, when one could travel the world for […]

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