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Bourbon Street, New Orleans – Audio-Visual Exploration

There is really no other place in America like New Orleans and Bourbon Street is it’s open air party street. I tried to capture Bourbon Street in it’s entirety, the huge crowds, the drinking on the streets, the strippers, the spruikers, the bars, the costumes, the drunks. A sensual, sleazy visceral barrage on the senses. […]

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New Orleans Second Line Dancing & Brass Bands

I met Carolyn Dancey-Pants in a pub in New Orleans. She introduced me to New Orleans own dance style; Second Line Dancing. On any Sunday one can find a Brass Band in New Orleans knocking out a tune to a grateful audience. ‘Click here for travel insurance’ For business enquiries only email Subscribe to our […]

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Boudin Balls – Cajun and Creole Cuisine, New Orleans

I tried a delicious combination of Cajun and Creole cooking at a local’s hotspot in New Orleans called Buffa’s. The Boudin Balls are deep fried sausage and rice balls in a creamy spicy crawfish sauce. Carolyn, who was sitting next to me at the bar, explains the difference between cajun and creole cuisines. Camerawork by […]

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