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My favourite movies

Recently in the New Amsterdam Cafe, Vancouver, someone asked me what my favourite movie was. I spurted ‘Apocalypse now’ not giving much thought to it. He told me one can determine a lot about a person by their favourite movie. He said it can give one an amazing insight into one’s world view, attitudes and […]

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The Colours of Livingston, Guatemala – A perfect set for a Hollywood Blockbuster!

In the year 2000 the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? changed the way films look forever. It was the first film to use digital color correction to achieve a certain aesthetic. After this Hollywood adopted the complementary colour theory in a lot of their films. As most scenes have people as the main focus, […]

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Pre-orders being taken for The Way Film

We have had an overwhelming response with regard to our new film on the Camino de Santiago. The film will be released on Tuesday 28th October. In order to ensure we have produced enough dvd’s to cover the large number of people interested in receiving a copy of the film, we are now taking pre-orders. […]

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