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Travel Vloggers and Travel Business – How to use online video

I had a fascinating conversation with a mate’s son recently. He is 11 years old, a tween, and a big user of social media and youtube in particular. He told me of his favourite youtube travel channels, and in the process, opened my eyes to a whole next generation of travel vloggers. These Millennials grew […]

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Sailing in Cuba Part 4 – Beached on the South Coast!

Finally, on the 6th day, we are towed to safety, and it only cost the Captain $4,000 USD!! We now must sail 230 nautical miles to Marina Hemmingway, Havana to get the motor repaired. Stay tuned to see how the trip goes. With no motor, a faulty radio and bilge pump, limited water and food […]

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Magic Potions and Protective Amulets – Dangriga, Belize

While in Dangriga, Belize, I visit a shop specialising in magic potions and protective amulets. These beliefs come from the mestizo people of Belize, but have been adopted by across Belizian culture. There are magic potions for protection against evil, love potions and potions to bring money. Shop owner Elsy find me a special amulet […]

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