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See the beauty and hospitality of Ireland, through the eyes of it’s people.

Stories include:

In Dublin I interviewed Niamh Ni Mhir who works for Hostel World,a local IT business that rode the Celtic Tiger to become the biggest Hostel booking website online Niamh explains how Ireland has changed since my last visit, in the early 1990 s and also tells us what it is she likes about living in Dublin.

I interview Kathleen Moran about the Kilkenny Craft Centre and how Kilkenny established itself as Ireland’s craft capital.

In Belfast I interviewed Sean McKernan, a photographer who in 1983 set up a photo exhibition called Belfast Exposed, featuring a lot of images from the height of the troubles.

On the Aran Islands I interviewed Teresa Millane, an old style (Sean Nos) singer.

In Galway I interviewed actor Diarmuid de Faoite about the flourishing arts scene.

The small fishing Village of Dingle on the West Coast of Ireland is home to a friendly Dolphin called Fungi, who seems to prefer the company of humans to his own kind.

In Doolin I interviewed Banjo player, Kevin Griffin about why Doolin has become the traditional music capital of Ireland.

Sean now runs an multifunction arts centre called BX Arts.
Sean discusses how Belfast has changed since the 1997 ceasefire.

In Cork I try and trace my Irish ancestors (O’Shea), and look at the modern day immigration of Polish workers to Ireland.

For my final Irish story, I visit Cahersiveen where there are some Stone Forts that may well been the home of my Shea ancestors.

Time: 50.15 Format: minidv

Ireland, Travel Video Guide, Meet the Locals

Ireland Travel Video Guide

Locations we visited in Ireland

Location List
*Aran Islands
*Ring of Kerry

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