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Logging in Borneo, Interview with Iban Chief

Deep in the heart of Borneo, near Kapit, Sarawak, I interview an Iban Chief about logging of his Tribal Land. Iban activist Peter John Jaban acts as translator of the Iban Language. The Iban still live off the Jungle; hunting, fishing and growing crops. They live together in longhouses and were originally known for the […]

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Canon XF Cameras, Cinematic Film Look, Custom Picture Preset

In the darkest deepest jungles of Borneo, I met a shaman of the headhunter Iban tribe. I handed him my camera, and through a translator, asked him to make my video look like cinematic film. He opened the LCD, went to the custom preset menu, and after a flurry of button pushing, handed me back […]

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