How to use Chopsticks, the middle finger method

Giving the Bird to improper chopstick use!

Our delightful and delectable Seoul host Minji, teaches us how to use chopsticks. She believes the middle finger is the key to correct chopstick control. Willing and eager student Mark tests out Minji’s methods with some interesting results.


When traveling to foreign locales it is always important to remember that some strange local dishes may not agree with you. In Beppu Japan I tried a a local delicacy, raw horse meat, with dire consequences.

Thanks to Jevoen for camera work and behind the scenes comments and waitress ‘Pho’ who endured my bad jokes and mis-pronunciation of her name.

Balinese Homestyle cooking, Travel Video Guide

Take a look at some of the dishes you will eat when staying with a Balinese family. Balinese food tends to be sweet and/or spicy.