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Dublin Travel Video Guide HD

Ireland went through an economic growth period in the late 1990 s dubbed the Celtic Tiger . This along with an influx of Eastern European workers, due to changes in the European Union, has really influenced the cultural landscape of Ireland. In Dublin I interviewed Niamh Ni Mhir who works for Hostel World,a local IT […]

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Ireland, Travel Video Guide, Meet the Locals

Ireland Travel Video Guide Locations we visited in Ireland Location List *Dublin *Doolin *Dingle *Galway *Aran Islands *Belfast *Kilkenny *Cork *Ring of Kerry

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Dublin, Irish Travel Video Guide

Interviewed Niamh Ni Mhir from Hostelworld about what it is she likes about living in Dublin and the changes since the ‘Celtic Tiger’ economic growth of the late 1990’s. Bus tour with Shamrocker Adventures

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