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Garifuna Cuisine, Dangriga, Belize – Hudut Soup & Fish Fillet, Tomato/Rum Sauce, Cassava Fries

Recently in Dangriga, Belize I met up with Madeline at the Riverside Cafe. I joined her in the kitchen where she taught me some Garifuna recipes. The Garifuna are descendants of African shipwrecked slaves who interbred with the local Carib and Arawak people of St Vincent. When the British took over St Vincent from the […]

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Belize Garifuna Cuisine – Bundiga Fish Soup

At the riverside cafe in Dangriga, Belize, chef and owner Madeline cooked me up a Garifuna speciality, Bundiga. Bundiga is a fish soup made of coconut milk, green bananas and okra. The Garifuna are a cultural group in Belize who originated in St Vincent and where the result of intermarriage between shipwrecked slaves from West […]

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Magic Potions and Protective Amulets – Dangriga, Belize

While in Dangriga, Belize, I visit a shop specialising in magic potions and protective amulets. These beliefs come from the mestizo people of Belize, but have been adopted by across Belizian culture. There are magic potions for protection against evil, love potions and potions to bring money. Shop owner Elsy find me a special amulet […]

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