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Streets of Havana – Cuba Musica

Music video featuring scenes from the streets of Havana. Ancient cars, historic buildings, multicultural people. Music: The beatknitter – No.65 (manolo style)

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Cuban Cigars – Where to buy the cheapest in Havana

Learn where to buy 5 cent Cigars in Cuba. On the Streets of Havana I meet a Che Guevara look-a-like while purchasing a 1 peso (5 cent) Cigar from a Cafeteria. With my local guide Yemilet, we take a ride in a colectivo taxi, a pre 1960’s American car. I give a review of the […]

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Sailing in Cuba Part 4 – Beached on the South Coast!

Finally, on the 6th day, we are towed to safety, and it only cost the Captain $4,000 USD!! We now must sail 230 nautical miles to Marina Hemmingway, Havana to get the motor repaired. Stay tuned to see how the trip goes. With no motor, a faulty radio and bilge pump, limited water and food […]

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Cuban Style Dancing, How to

Proving once and for all that white man can dance! On a recent visit to Havana, I was taught by local Yamilet how to dance Cuban style. Compared to the repressive ‘Victorian era’ no touch style of Australia I found cuban style liberating, giving me a new appreciation for dancing.

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Heading Home after 639 Days on the Road

After 639 days on the Road I am heading back to Australia. Unfortunately my father hasn’t done so well after a major operation, so I have decided to return home. So after all this time on the road I discuss what I have learnt and give tips for anyone wishing to do the same. I […]

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North Korea – Visiting as a Tourist, Part Two

I took a trip to North Korea (The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea) with Young Pioneer Tours. http://dprk.youngpioneertours.com This video is Part Two of a brief overview of what I saw in North Korea. This video discusses how to visit North Korea as a tourist.

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