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American Entrepreneurs – Cleveland Cyclewerks

I recently traveled the States for four months doing documentary stories at 13 different locations. This is a project I may not be uploading in it’s entirety on youtube, but I’d like to share some of the interviews I did with local entrepreneurs. I speak with Scott Colosimo from Cleveland Cyclewerks. A design student who […]

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Cleveland Cyclewerks – Review of their motorcycle range

Today I got to ride Cleveland Cyclewerks complete range of motorcycles. I give a brief review of my experience of each bike: The Hooligan 450R, tha Heist, tha Misfit and the Ace. The Hooligan was probably the bike I would most likely buy, it would be a great lightweight bike, on road and off. Tha […]

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Cleveland Cyclewerks ~ affordable electric motorcycle, built in the USA

Cleveland Cyclewerks founder Scott Colosimo takes us for a walk around of their Cleveland Headquarters. Scott shows us Cleveland’s motorcycle range, including ‘The Ace’, ‘The Misfit’, ‘The Heist’ and ‘The Hooligan’. Scott also informs us of Cleveland Cyclewerks next big motorcycle design, the ‘Project DNA Level C’ electric motorcycle.

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