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EAT meat, DRINK beer, TALK shit, Tachinomiya Bars in Osaka, Japan

Visit a Tachinomiya Bar in Osaka, a standing bar that offers cheap drinks and snacks, (partially due to cheaper taxes on bars with no seats) for hardworking Japanese heading home from work. Goes to show wherever you visit in the world men love to eat meat, drink beer and talk crap 🙂 canon xf100, fcpx […]

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Accommodation Choices in Singapore, Cheapest single rooms

I give an overview of the cheapest single room accommodation in Singapore, mentioning price and showing features.

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Tokyo Capsule Hotel, Japan Travel Video Guide

I stay in a capsule hotel in the Okachimachi area of Tokyo. Capsule Hotels are the cheapest accommodation in Japan. The place I stayed at cost 2,600 Yen ($30 USD) They are mainly for men and have a communal bathing area that has a hot spa. The capsule hotel I stayed at had free wi-fi, […]

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Kota Kinabalu, Seri Selera, Sabah’s Largest Seafood Complex

My last night in Borneo and I splurge on some fresh seafood, flower crabs and tiger prawns. Total cost of an amazing seafood feast including drinks – less than $25 AUD ( which is around the same in $USD)

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Kuala Lumpur, China Town, Hostel Accommodation

In previous videos I’ve shown some of the less salubrious places one can stay in the backpacker end of the market. With this video I want to show viewers than not all hostels are dirty cesspools riddled with bed bugs and colourful shower fungi! One hostel that does things right is the Monkee Inn located […]

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