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Organic farming – Bringing back perennial native pastures

[p2p type=”slug” value=”organic-farming-the-benefits-of-perennial-pastures” text=”Next – benefits of perennial pastures”] Sheep, cattle and goat Farmer Bill Twigg, discusses how to bring back perennial native pastures by seasonal rotational grazing.

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Organic Farming – Going Organic to reduce farm debt.

[p2p type=”slug” value=”organic-farming-the-future-of-organics” text=”Next – future of organics”] How to reduce farm debt on a cattle farm by using organic principles. Gerry and Terry Browning of Yarrawonga, decided to go organic to reduce their farm debt. They have had great success using the cell grazing system to rotationally graze their 350 cow herd in a […]

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Australia Travel and Tour – Aboriginal Culture and Traditions

[p2p type=”slug” value=”australia-travel-and-tour-living-in-the-daintree-rainforest” text=”Next – Living in the Daintree Rainforest”] At Borroloola we interview Willie Shadforth, Aboriginal owner of Seven Emus Cattle Station. Willie talks about Aboriginal Culture and traditions.

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