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How to buy Korean Red Ginseng, the products available.

I join Dr Choi of the Korean Society of Ginseng for a tour around a local Geumsam Ginseng shop to see what Ginseng products are available to buy. Ginseng is available in extract form, as a drink, as a tea, in capsules, as slices with honey and in whole root form. We discuss the prices […]

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Korean Ginseng, Learn all about it’s health benefits.

Interesting story about how this interview came about. On Wednesday last week I decided I would like to do a story on Korean Ginseng after reading about it’s benefits on the internet. So I put out a message on South Korean Facebook and couch surfing groups. Within 10 minutes someone replied to me on Facebook […]

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Organic Farming – Direct Marketing Produce, How to

[p2p type=”slug” value=”organic-farming-reducing-the-need-for-chemical-inputs” text=”Next – reducing chemical inputs”] How to direct market your organic produce. Sam Johnson of wombat wholefoods explains how to direct market organic produce and discusses the benefits of such a marketing strategy.

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