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Australia Travel and Tour – First Contact with the Last of an Aboriginal Tribe

Retired Outback Policeman, Bob Darken tells the story of making first contact with the last of an Aboriginal Tribe he met in the remote Outback. [ratings]

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Australia Travel and Tour – Outback Policeman, Stories from World War Two

[p2p type=”slug” value=”australia-travel-and-tour-first-contact-with-the-last-of-an-aboriginal-tribe” text=”Next – 1st Contact with the last of an Aborigine Tribe”] In Alice Springs the Overlanders interview Retired Outback Policeman, Bob Darken. During the war Bob was required to remove Aboriginals from around Arnhem land in case of Japanese invasion. [ratings]

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Australia Travel and Tour – Outback Tourism Pioneer

[p2p type=”slug” value=”australia-travel-and-tour-alice-springs” text=”Next – Alice Springs”] Paul interviews Peter Severin of Curtin Springs, an outback tourism pioneer. Peter started the first tours to Ayers Rock/Uluru in 1956. He talks about the nomadic Aborigines of the region. [ratings]

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