Surfing, Marrawah, Tasmania Travel Video Guide

Tasmania has some of the biggest cold water surf breaks in the world. I visit Marrawah on the north west corner, a location renowned for it’s year round surf. I interview 16 yr old local Zak Grey.

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3 thoughts on “Surfing, Marrawah, Tasmania Travel Video Guide

  1. This is an awesome video! Did you do all of this yourself? It looks a bit like something that I’ve seen on a mac program like iMovie (or similar). I found your site on the arras website when trying to figure out how to post my youtube videos in the viewer on the sites main page. If you have any info about how you did that I would really appreciate it.



  2. Hi Joe
    Just cut and paste the embed code for the youtube video you want to put on your site

  3. that are big waves!

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