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I have a mountain of video stories to edit, with the hope of having dvd’s available by Christmas. I have amazing stories from all over the world – Australia, Ireland, Spain and Vietnam.

For me editing has always been difficult. I really don’t think we were made to spend all day sitting alone in front of a computer.

First I believe one must prepare their body. For me I like to walk, particularly in nature. I try to get in a morning and after work walk. I also have a yoga mat in my room, and if my back gets stiff at all, I use it for stretching and strength exercises.

Working from home doesn’t always allow for much interaction with others, so I try and have an end of day reward, where I at least try and get out of the house! One can feel cut off from rest of society working from home, so I try and mirror the energy of the city, working the same 9-5 hours as everyone else.

How does one manage to start the act of creating, whether it be writing a book, or editing a film?

I believe there is so much unfounded mysticism surrounding the ‘art of creating art’ that for many adults, they are afraid to even try!

Notice I mention the word ‘adults’, because I think as children, creating art comes easy. Children enjoy the act of creating, and are not so worried with the meaning associated with the finished piece.


I’m fascinated in the rituals artist’s perform before creating art.

Brazilian Author, Paulo Coelho won’t start writing a new book until a white feather appears before him.

Paulo always wanted to be a writer, but by the age of 40, had still not put pen to paper. In an act of desperation, he prayed to God, that if a white feather appeared before him, writing WAS his chosen path, and the time was right for him to start his first book.*

Hemmingway, when finding himself unable to write, would sit for hours in front of a fire, peeling oranges and squeezing the peel near the edge of the flame to cause sparkles of blue light. When asked by a visiting journalist why he was wasting his time, performing such a pointless activity, Hemmingway replied, “I’m preparing my soul to write, like a fisherman preparing his tackle before going out to sea. If I don’t do this, and think only the fish matter, I’ll never achieve anything.”*

I remember a filmmaking friend contacting me after watching some old footage he had filmed of his teenage daughter. The old footage made him realize how much his daughter had grown, and it hit him like a brick, how every moment is sacred, everything is special.


Sometimes I think we just have to sit down and start, with no expectations, no fears, and like children, just get lost in the moment of creation.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now.


further reading:

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2 thoughts on “StARTing

  1. Most enjoyable read Mark. You write so well.

  2. I often feel that irrational fear to just start something I’m unsure about. I used to write a lot of poetry but these days I think I’m terrified to try again.

    I’m writing my History honours thesis about ethnic relations and collective memory in twelfth-century England using the appropriation of King Arthur by the English from the Welsh as the focal point. I’ve found myself not truly worried about the marks I may or may not get for it but positively petrified of creating a navel-gazing, elementary, gratuitous sort of paper. I think the advice to “sit down and start, with no expectations, no fears, and like children, just get lost in the moment of creation” is very much appropriate here.


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