Spain Travel Program – Meet a Local Series

Travel Spain and appreciate it’s amazing diversity by meeting the locals.

Stories include:
*In Sevilla I interview two flamenco dancers, Asa Danielson from Sweden, and Elena Moro Roman, an Australian of Spanish Background. Both have moved to Sevilla to practice flamenco. I also try to define the flamenco term ‘Duende’, with interpretative dance and poetry.

*Cuenca, a Unesco World Heritage site, has a rich and varied history. Best known for it’s Hanging Houses, Cuenca was founded as a Moorish fort, became a centre for religious orders, and more recently, became home for many artists. I interview Alberto Cuesta Senior about the joys of maintaining a garden and spoke with Antonio Perez about his Contemporary Art Museum.

*Benimaclet was a farming village on the outskirts of Valencia. As Valencia grows, one history replaces another. Alberto Cuesta, a scientist discusses the changes occurring in his Benimaclet neighborhood.

*Cave Dwellers (cuevas) of San Miguel Alto. In Granada I visit the Alhambra, a fine example of Moorish Architecture, which uses the aesthetically pleasing golden ratio in its dimensions. I then learn about cave living, interviewing such characters as Dr, Sun, who uses a solar cooking machine to prepare meals.

*What I like about Vigo is that it is not a tourist town. It is just a town where Spanish life carries on as it has for generations. I was a guest of the Ramallo family, and interviewed Fernando Ramallo, a linguistics professor, about the various languages spoken in Spain.

*The Basque people and their language may well be the oldest in europe, pre dating the Celts and the Romans. I investigate whether they know of the fountain of youth. Rebecca Ezquerro helps me on my search

*It is always interesting to hear what people have to say about their city. In Barcelona I interviewed Nick Musgrave, and englishman who moved from London to pursuit photography, and Pilar de la Pena Sanchez, who believes the streets of Barcelona act out like a movie.

*The theme for my Madrid video is follow your dream. I interview Marta Escauriaza about living her dream of running a restaurant, and Javier Icazuriaga about his recently established music recording business.

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