Sex Tourism, Angeles City, Philippines

An audio-visual exploration of the The Red Light District of Fields Avenue.

Fields Avenue Walking Street developed to service the American Clark Air Base which was operational from 1903 to 1991. The infamous Angeles City Bars have remained and now service sex tourists from around the globe. Of late there has been a increase in South Korean ownership of both bars and brothels.

I heard about Angeles City while in Borneo. I was getting a flight from Kota Kinabulu to Clark International Airport and met a guy who had just flown in from the Philippines. He told me Angeles City was the cesspit of the Philippines, a vipers nest of crime, corruption and sleaze. He told me I should avoid it at all costs.

I decided I needed to film it!

I met an Australian bar owner who had been their since the days of the Clark Air Base. He told me South Korean Crime Gangs had recently started buying into Fields Avenue. He told me quite emphatically that I could be killed if I was caught filming.

I spent two nights casing out the Avenue. I found a bar where I was allowed to film inside (if I bought all the girls drinks!) The Aussie Bar Owner, seeing I was not going to leave without some footage, told me I could film from the roof of his bar. He told me if I was caught, he would deny knowing me.

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