Screening of my Motorcycle Adventure film in New York

My film, Journey to the West has been selected for screening at the Motorcycle Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York. This will be its film festival debut.

It will be screened from 6.30pm-8pm on the 21st of September. From more details visit here

Some very strong competition in the Feature Documentary section this year, in what is fast becoming the biggest motorcycle film festival in the world.

Get your own copy here

Some reviews have started to come in with regard to the film, of which I’d like to share a few below –

“Just finished watching “Journey to the West”. This film really hit me hard…in a very good way. You have truly lit a fire under my ass and you’ve got me wanting to do the things I’ve only been able to talk about doing. Thanks to you my friend…and this remarkable work of art that you’ve made. This film, honest to God, has put a new spark into me. Thanks for not only doing the great work that you do, but a very big thanks, my friend, for jump-starting my heart/conscience…hell, my life again. This film of yours has inspired me to go out and complete the things that have really mattered to me. And now, I can hardly wait to take that long overdue first step. Thanks again for what you do, my friend. Great film! Great inspiration!”
Dan, Boston

“I loved the movie. For me it encapsulates the feelings of traveling by bike alone beautifully.
The fears, thoughts, peace and space. The coming to terms with the weather and the wonderful characters that we meet out on the road.
The photography was beautiful, I especially loved the sunsets and sunrise shots.
It is a diverse land, with so much to explore. I too love the feeling of being alone, camping in places where there is no one for miles.
The chance encounters with friendly people, the challenges of fixing things that go wrong and the being on the edge.
Thanks again lovely film.”

Pete, Tasmania

“I watched your motorcycle movie. I felt I was watching a tv series on National Geo, a lot of beautiful scenery shots, amazing wild life in action, interesting history of the country, the great people you met though out the journey. The love romance in between ?:) the spiritual journey from being alone with nature. Getting hurt physically but, not an obstacle to keep going forward. I think the amazing part is you taking the initiative of doing such a big project into the unknown, having the courage to do it alone and going through with it till the end. Great accomplishment ! You are a wonderful story teller.”
Rosa, New York

“What an impressive work. Philosophy, whimsy,pathos, social commentary and humour along with marvellous photography.”
Bernard, Merimbula

“Hey Mark.. just purchased and watched your movie.. great work my friend great work. Im inspired to head out and have a look on my own. I like the individual feel and emotion that was added into the way you spoke. As we age it easy to live easy and not try new things. Your first statement of being scared to leave was right on the money as far as what i want to do. Thanks again for such a personal look at an amazing journey..Thanks Gavin”
Gavin, NSW

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