Screening of Journey to the West in Australia

New York, Ararat, Horsham!

First screening of my motorcycle film in Australia happened at the Astor Cinema, Ararat. A great turnout with many riding their bikes. I really enjoyed meeting the audience and seeing my film on the big screen for the first time. As someone who was youtube’s first travel vlogger, traveling full time for two years (2011-2012) I see this as the future for independent film – taking it back to the people, having events, pressing the flesh, hearing the reactions and knowing exactly where you hit the mark and where you miss. I took questions after the film and it was great to see everyone get involved. In the internet age, when everything is at our fingertips, I like the idea of bringing back the humanity, the campfire, the chance to talk.

There were some great comments sent in after the premiere Australian screening.

‘I really enjoyed your film last night. I could relate to the storyline of finding out ones worth and purpose in life. Two thumbs up from me. Been great to follow your journey and look forward to seeing your next adventure. Keep on keeping it real, nothing like it on the tv’

‘Hey Mark, when you’re ready to sell copies of last nights film id love a DVD, I loved it. The research you did was exceptional the content was extremely interesting and to put together a 90 Minute movie entirely narrated by yourself and keep it interesting all the way through is a credit to your ability it’s a real credit to you well done keep doing it and bring it home. Great work keep the dream alive’

Next screening will be in Horsham and I invite people to even consider have private screenings in their backyards. The backyard gig has become popular with musicians because of the intimacy of such a space and the fact they don’t have to cover hall hire.

Great to see someone finally got to interview the elusive Alby Mangels. Here is the video, which turned out fantastic.

Hope to see you on the East Coast Tour, Adios.

2 thoughts on “Screening of Journey to the West in Australia

  1. Hey Mark are you coming fpwn Mornington wau to show yhe film. Lindsay

  2. Hi Lindsay, I can look into it, where would you suggest screening it?

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