Santa Monica Beach with the Adventure Goddess

Mark the Overlander visits Santa Monica Beach where he meets up with local, Laura the Adventure Goddess.

Laura takes Mark on a bicycle tour, showing him her favourite parts of Santa Monica.

We ride along the beach and visit the Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica Pier where Route 66 ends and the original ‘Muscle Beach’.

As we watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean at the Pacific Palisades Park, Laura talks about the strong community spirit of Santa Monica and believes the local library is a great place to visit to experience this.

Thanks to Laura the Adventure Goddess

Music – videoblocks – Deep Chill and Afterglow

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2 thoughts on “Santa Monica Beach with the Adventure Goddess

  1. Haha I loved this! I might book a holliday. Would have loved a tour of Santa Monica Library too.

  2. Oops make that holiday lol

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