Sailing in Cuba Part 2 – Beached on the South Coast!

The ongoing saga of being beached off the Cuban Coast. The hapless crew sit helpless, aware local fishing boats will have their boats confiscated by the government, if they attempt to pull our yacht off the sand. On the nearby beach, soldiers watch our movements twenty four hours a day. Using infra red, Mark films during the night, showing how the constant barrage of waves makes sleep impossible. The endless days, held prisoner on the ocean, has lead to some strange behaviour amongst the crew. Mark has removed his beard and shaved his moustache in the style of Hitler! He is hoping this is something the Cuban officials can relate too!

What happens next? Do the crew decide to eat the vegetarian New Zealander? Does the Captain commandeer the remaining rum. Stay tuned for the next episode!

Music (with permission) – The dirt surfers – Theme from Gilligan’s island

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