I recently had my wallet go missing in Mexico. I was more than likely pick-pocketed, at the most opportune time, when I’d just purchased a morning coffee and donut! Through this experience I have learnt a few travel tricks to reduce loss from theft.

*Separate your money – Keep only a minimum amount of money in your wallet. Then if someone does pull a knife or gun on you, you can hand this amount over and thus avoid losing everything.

*Separate your Identification – Keep credit cards, passport, identification separate. When traveling it is best to have two bank/credit cards and to keep these separate. In this way, if you do lose one card, you can still use the other and you are not completely stuck without money.

*Don’t be Fearful – We still don’t fully understand the metaphysics of the world, everything is made up of atoms and vibrations. Fear is an energy, and I believe, like animals, other people can pick up on one’s fear. It is important to not allow fear to cripple you. The world is not as dangerous as the mainstream media would like us to believe. If you are fearful, you will attract trouble.
Einstein believed, “”The most important question a person can ask is, “Is the Universe a friendly place?” This is true, smile and don’t be fearful, you will be amazed where it takes you 🙂

Appreciate that as someone who can travel, you are one of the lucky few and remember, if you get angry, you lose the game. We are all the same in the end, we all want the same things, and as Samuel Johnson said, “All travel has its advantages. If one visits better countries, they may learn to improve their own, and if fortune carries them to worse, they may learn to enjoy it.”

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