Rotorua, New Zealand Travel Video Guide

Rotorua represents everything bad about tourism over saturation. When a place just expects the tourists to keep arriving, complacency sets in. In my story, I decided to go back to the origins of why Rotorua became a tourist town, it’s healing mineral waters. Local gym owner Belinda Bennett takes me to a secret location, but insists on blindfolding me, handcuffing me and locking me in the boot of her car, in order to keep the spot under wraps. I interviewed Maori Masseuse Wiki about Maori healing techniques, such as romiromi massage and the use of healing plants like Kawakawa. I then visit Te Puia National Maori Carving School where I interview Cori Marsters about this ancient art. Finally I realize that after Rotorua, my films will never be the same again. Can the geothermal activity underground have an effect on people who visit Rotorua?

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1 thought on “Rotorua, New Zealand Travel Video Guide

  1. Beautiful places end up becoming over populated with tourists and end up never looking the same. These places need the money from tourist or so they think they do. Places need to have tourist blindfolded to that can only be led and not have to worry about people wrecking havoc.

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