River cottage HQ

We dropped into River Cottage HQ to learn about a UK movement towards growing and preparing one’s own food.

River cottage was the original ‘city life to living off the farm’ series. I really enjoyed the original series and was interested to see what had developed since. River cottage HQ now run over 30 courses related to growing and cooking your own food. https://www.rivercottage.net/

The river cottage series has been so successful it has lead to similar food movements in Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. The show was also copied by SBS television in Australia with their gourmet farmer series.

For this video all I did was eat the organic food from the garden and do the interviews. Michele the Luxembourger did all the camerawork and editing. It was the first time she had down camerawork – How did she do? comment below.

camera/sound – canon xa20 and rode ntg1

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