Returning Home – A Story of Ararat

Returning Home is a series of four short Flash format documentaries about the changing fortunes of Ararat, a small rural town in the Western District of Victoria.

Like the Ark – Part One

Ararat is the town of Mark Shea’s youth, where his Irish ancestors settled five generations ago as farmers. Ararat was founded by gold prospecting Chinese in 1857. Trekking overland from South Australia the Chinese discovered the Canton Lead, the world’s richest shallow alluvial goldfield.

The goldrush that followed was one of the biggest Australia has seen, with estimates of between 30,000 and 50,000 people living on the Ararat Goldfields within a couple of months

To understand Ararat’s place in the world, one must first know its history.

Watch Returning Home – A Story of Ararat Part 2

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3 thoughts on “Returning Home – A Story of Ararat

  1. You make Ararat look good, nice work Mark, love the audio production, top notch

  2. Wow Mark…this is the kinda stuff i love..All about family and its history…..How interesting…im so glad im getting to enjoy more of ur work..Its facinating..I love country towns..Bought up in one myself when i was little…and still remember going back growing up and the smells and the feel of the land. Nice work..

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