Returning Home – A Story of Ararat 4

The Bush Spirit
Aussies in the Bush are an ingenious bunch, making the most of every opportunity. Without rural entrepreneurs many country towns would lose their lifeblood.

Mark Shea looked at three success stories ranging from manufacturing to farming.

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7 thoughts on “Returning Home – A Story of Ararat 4

  1. Nice story, Well done & thanks for bringing these stories to the world.

    What about Stanley in Tasmania?

  2. Hi Martin

    Didn’t do a story in Stanley, but I did do a story on a surfer from Marrawah, just up the road.

    stay tuned


  3. Hello Mark Shea
    I grew up in Ararat too and found your stories very interesting and was wondering if you would be doing similar stories on other Victorian towns such as Stawell and Somerville and so on.

    Robert McKinnis

  4. Hi Robert

    I am available to do video stories I call Bio-Docs – Biographical mini documentaries about individuals, families, companies, or Towns.
    Might be worth asking your Council or Tourism Board if they would like to put their town on the ‘internet’ map, so to speak.



  5. Hi Mark,

    Brilliant doco, I learned more about Ararat than I ever did when I lived there. Well done.


    Maree Moorfoot

  6. Thanks Maree, glad you enjoyed it

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