How to prepare for your Business Profile Video Shoot.

Before hiring a videographer to produce a video for your business, there are a number of things you should consider to ensure all goes well on the day of filming.

*Prepare some notes:
A video ad should differentiate your business from your competitors. Write down some key points you would like to cover in the video (3-4 points). What does your business represent? eg unique products or services, great customer service? Think about what shots will best represent your business, eg showing products you sell, a customer receiving good service

The video below is a good example of strong pre production scripting. Every sentence differentiates the Winery featured from it’s competitors. In a short space, the viewer knows who the winemaker is, what his region is famous for and what makes his cellar door unique

*Your Vision:
Tell the videographer your ideas, and listen to their suggestions. A good videographer will know the language of filmmaking. A camera doesn’t behave like a human eye. There are certain rules that need to be followed to ensure stunning shots. Trust your filmmaker and allow them to creatively bring your vision to fruition.

*Tidy up and think visually
On the day of the shoot, ensure all areas that are to be filmed are clean and all staff are dressed appropriately. Recruiting friends and family to represent customers is a good way to control the production process. Make sure you think through what you want covered in the video and inform the videographer. Making a checklist is a good way to ensure nothing is missed. Be aware that the interview and voiceover needs to be filmed in a quiet location.

The video below featuring an Irish Pub was filmed over one Sunday session. The owner wished to convey what a night out at the pub entailed. In certain parts, staff and friends were recruited to have a meal and drinks. They chose Sunday night because it is their busiest night, having an empty business doesn’t make good footage!

Preparation before your video shoot, will ensure all goes well and your business is represented in the best light. For more information on our Online Video Business Profile Service.

Article by Mark Shea of Overlander Multimedia. Mark is a video producer and trainer and specializes in documentary and travel/tourism related content. His youtube channel is one of youtube’s most successful travel partner channels

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