Pre-order our latest Feature Film – An Australian Motorcycle Adventure

Pre-Order our latest Feature Film – An 85 min odyssey riding a motorcycle around Australia. The film will be released mid August (Aug 15th). Those who pre-order the film will receive the first copies as a High Definition digital download. They will also receive a free gift for their early support. $14.99 AUD, $12 USD, €10 Euro

“A world traveler returns to his own country to explore its West Coast on a motorcycle. An exercise in simplicity, camping out and getting off the beaten track. A chance to reassess life choices. The freedom to explore alternatives. What is it we need to be happy and is Australia still the lucky country”?

When I finished my motorcycle film, it was a two and a half hour monolith. I felt it was too long to be a feature documentary.

Thirteen years ago l walked the Camino, making a successful film of my experience. By virtue of good luck, the film mirrored the hero’s journey monomyth. The basis of the myth is that the hero leaves his ordinary world to partake in an adventure, during which time he will face tests, overcome an ordeal, be rewarded, journey back home, be resurrected (change) and return with the elixir (the answer).

Now l’m deliberately editing my motorcycle journey around Australia, to align with this myth. It is amazing how it is taking form, as l cut anything not in someway tied to the defining narrative of a man finding new meaning in his life, from the experience of traveling his country.

It’s been an enlightening experience to cut back the film from two and a half hours to eighty five minutes. In assessing my story according to the hero’s journey template, I’ve realised my film is not just a travelogue, but actually a film about a man fearfully facing middle-age. I find using this template gives my story a real intuitive flow. It is a fascinating way to work and has made a tighter film in the process!

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