Port Arthur, Tasmania Travel Video Guide

This action packed video is three stories packed into one. First I feature archival footage from the seminal Franklin River campaign, then I investigate the Facial Tumor Disease effecting the wild Tasmanian Devil Population, and finally I do a story on Port Arthur, an historic convict colony where I interview guide Laura Leeworthy, do their ghost tour and film a Ghost!!

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3 thoughts on “Port Arthur, Tasmania Travel Video Guide

  1. i hope jou me a nice video including paris, rome.

  2. Wow, didn’t see that one coming. 😉

  3. Heart wrenching footage at the Franklin river..i remember this..Port Arthur is certainly a place i’d love to visit one day..Ive been to the old melbourne gaol and had eerie experiences there..i imagine it would be twice fold here…..And the ghost…jeez…didnt see that coming either..

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