The Best Food and Drink Experiences in the USA – A Photographic Culinary Journey

I recently traveled around the USA and Canada, and here is my pick of the best food and drink experiences. I hope you are ready, this trip is going to make you very fat πŸ™‚

The Reel Inn, Malibu, LA
Cajun mahi mahi, slaw and homestyle potatoes washed down with a Shock Top Belgium White Beer, down by the beach!

Fremont Casino and Hotel – Downtown Las Vegas
$20 all you can eat seafood buffet. And l haven’t even shown you the sweets! Coconut cream, key lime and pumpkin pie. Yummo!

Casa Don Juan Mexican Restaurant
Best Mexican in Vegas – shrimp cerviche tostado and Pacifico Clara Beer

Fried and True Food Truck, Austin, Texas
Deep Fried Twinkie – I’ve found the famed ‘bliss point‘ Dessert of the south!

Lamberts Downtown Barbecue, Austin, Texas
My first Texas bbq brisket and slaw. It’s all about the sauces, coz the meat was dry as the hills where Jesus hung! Tried real bbq with some locals so didn’t miss out in the end!

Buffa’s Lounge, New Orleans
Boudin’s balls ~ Deep fried sausage and rice balls with a creole crawfish sauce. I really loved this dish, perfect with beer!

watch the video

The Remotest Bar in America, Thibodaux, Louisiana Bayou
Found this little bar in the middle of nowhere. Officially the first Australian to visit.

Central Grocery, New Orleans
Muffaletta sandwich marinated olive salad,layers of mortadella,salami,mozzarella, ham and provolone. This was surprisingly good, loved the olives!

Antoine’s Restaurant, New Orleans
Antoines oldest restaurant in America 1840. Oyster foch poboy with a rich beefy colbert sauce. A bit dry, but the sauce was interesting!

Captain Tony’s Saloon, the original Sloppy Joes. Keys West
Hemingway,Jimmy Buffett and a tree, what more could you want! If the tourist crowds annoy you visit the Green Parrot for live music

Wholefoods Miami
After pulled pork food poisoning at some dive chain called Pollo Tropical. I went on a Health kick ~ Lobster bisque, orange beet and ginger salad and kombucha. Great place to meet health conscious girls in yoga pants πŸ™‚

Short Mountain Distillery, Tennessee
If you want to try real moonshine, this is the place to visit and fantastic people!

learn more about moonshine – video

Some Truckstop, Tennessee Hills
I remember nothing of the food, only the deer head decoration

Shaw’s Crab House, Chicago
Well, it was my birthday, so I had a very lazy extravagant day. A Seafood taster and a beer…heaven!

Shaw’s Crab House, Chicago
Scott and Jenny from Central Kentucky just shouted me lunch coz it was my birthday. Isn’t that nice! Lucky guy!

Gold Coast dogs, Chicago
A Chicago chardog hotdog – local institution. Not bad but not really memorable.

Campbell’s Sweets Factory, Cleveland
Learnt a new word today ~ dichotomy And Cleveland uses it in the best possible way ~ caramel and cheese popcorn. Moreish!

Pierogis, West Side Market, Cleveland
Everywhere l visit l like trying local specialities. In Cleveland Pierogis are the must try food. They are basically polish dumplings. Pan fried and full of ingredients like potato, cabbage, cheese and onions

B and G Tavern, Cleveland
My favorite bar in Cleveland. A Puerto Rican family business run by Benny Snr, and now Benny Jr and his wife, Cynthia, since 1980. Why do l like it ~ it’s a local’s bar, where people talk, white, black, latino, and reasonable prices. It’s real, like Cleveland, no pretence!

Nancy Whiskey Corktown, Detroit
I always seem to be able to sniff out good local bars. Nancy Whiskey in Corktown has been an Irish Bar serving the locals since 1902

Poutine, Toronto, Canada
What can l say, chips, gravy and cheese. The sort of food you eat late at night on a weekend, walking home drunk after missing the last train.

Viande Fumee, Montreal, Canada
Corned Beef Sandwich. Really nothing special! lf l was a chef in Canada I’d be inventing a new must try cuisine. Poutine and viandefumee would be pretty easy to beat!

Home BBQ, Ontario
Never miss an opportunity to have a home bbq, wherever you travel!

Cy’s Bar, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada
Authentic 1960’s bowling rink

Riverboat Bar, Ontario Canada
The River Boat Queens Lori and Barb enjoying happy hour

Croke Park, Whitey’s Dive Bar, South Boston
Best Dive Bar in the USA. Having a pint with publican Jerry. $1.50 pints, $3 shots of whiskey

Croke Park / Whitey’s Pub, South Boston
Gerry’s Jolly ~ brandy, coffee and milk $3

Watch a video about America’s best dive bar

Clam Chowder, Boston
I’ve been living on clam chowder since arriving in Boston. For me a good chowder should have plenty of clams, not too many potatoes, not be too thick, and the creaminess should be balanced with a slight acidic tang added by white wine or a squeeze of lemon.

Arracini, Little Italy Boston
Fried potato, rice, beef, peas, tomato pasta sauce, parmesan. Really good, Yum!

No Name Restaurant, Boston Fish Pier,Boston
Always good to try the fresh local seafood.

Miss Mamies Spoonbread Too, Harlem, New York
Bill Clinton and Mike Tyson’s favourite! Soul food sampler; ribs, fried chicken catfish, collard greens, mac and cheese. A special meal with a special old friend.

Skyroom Rooftop Terrace New York City
Great place for a sunset drink on top of the world!

Coney Island Nathans Hot Dogs, New York
Coney island hotdog worth a try

Gotham West Market, Hells Kitchen, New York
This is a very cool place to graze. Eight artisanal food purveyors to choose from.

Smiling Buddha Cabaret, Downtown Eastside Vancouver
The Eastside of Vancouver use to be a ritzy neighborhood. Many of the rundown hotels that now act as boarding houses, like the Regent which has italian marble and brass stairwells. The Smilin Buddha Cabaret was a bastion of the Vancouver music scene from ’52 to the early ’90s featuring such performers as a 10 yr old Jimmy Hendrix, who use to play the last set for his uncle, who would sometimes be too drunk to go on stage.

Voodoo Donuts, Portland
Yes, that’s bacon and a donut.

Mary’s All Nude Review, Portland
Don’t really see these in Australia anymore. Like a throwback to another time. All that Neon is kinda kitsch!

The Last Supper, somewhere in LA
A meal isn’t just the food but also the company and conversation. $1 taco night with Los Angeles filmmaking elite

And finally what to avoid in the USA – Video

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