Overlander.tv’s complete Travel Video Programs now on Youtube

Convergence, whereby the internet can be used on televisions will mean huge changes for the broadcast industry. It means advertiser will finally have all the statistics on hand to see how well television advertising works.

Youtube is currently the biggest ‘television’ station in the the world. Google wants it to stay that way and for good or for bad are making steps towards longer programming. Longer programs look more like television and, more importantly, allow for more advertising.

At overlander.tv we are aware of the changes taking place and, as always, want to remain innovators in the online video arena. So we have decided to list a majority of our travel programs on youtube in their entirety. For now it feels like we are ‘giving them away’ but our motto has always been to adapt to changes in the media landscape early, and we feel this attitude has lead to our continued success as a small boutique production house.

So sit back, pour yourself a cold one, and enjoy taking a visual journey through the countries we have filmed in. And while your at it, have a look at youtube leanback to get an idea where things are heading in the future and how much google know about you from your browsing history.

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