Overlander.tv Video Themes

To make it easier to find and view Overlander.tv’s videos, from now on we will not only be dividing videos into sections based on country, but also based on themes. Below are a list of some of the themes we will be using, along with video examples:

Video Destination Guides – Videos featuring cities or regions, usually from the eyes of a local

Cuisine – Featuring local food and drink specialities

Interviews – With locals, expats and digital nomads

Culture – Exploring unique aspects of each countries culture

History – Videos featuring interesting historical locations or facts about a country

Spirit – Looks at the religion and beliefs of different countries

Travel Advice and Reviews– Information on different aspects of travel

Things to do – Featuring tours, unique locations etc

Travel Stories – Interesting stories from the road

Places to Stay – Accommodation choices around the world

Digital Nomads – Making Money on the Road

How to make travel videos

Which Theme do you enjoy most and can you suggest any other themes you would like to see filmed?

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