Overlander.tv seeking Corporate Sponsors for RTW Travel Video Adventure

Overlander.tv is going into the 2nd year of it’s Round the World Travel Video Adventure. We have learnt a lot in one year, how to produce content on the road, the story themes the audience responds best to.

We constantly evolve to the media landscape around us and in keeping with this we are making a move into what we see as the future in online video advertising, branded content

In an oversaturated travel market, where advertisers chase the next viral hit, we believe it is more important to establish longterm travel communities. We envisage growing to accommodate content producers around the world, making videos along several well tested themes

Aga People of Bali

But to take our concept to the next level, we need sponsors from within the travel industry. We envisage they could come from several key travel industry areas: media, such as online information sites, travel insurance, a worldwide accommodation provider, a online travel booking site, clothing, including hats and footwear, video production equipment, travel information guides, tour companies, travel accessories such as sunscreen or mosquito repellant, pharmaceutical companies, such as those that produce upset stomach medication, health tonics, such as vitamins and minerals, production music providers and luggage makers

If you are interested in knowing more please Contact us

We envisage having ten major sponsors of which no two sponsors will be from the same segment of the travel industry and sponsorship will include mentions and links from each of our future videos and the production of videos promoting their business and products.

What we have found fascinating on this trip is how as we travel, our audience becomes more and more international, picking up followers in each location we visit. For a brand wishing to establish a global audience, advertising with us could well be a better option than travel content providers located in the one location.

In the past we have had great success getting numerous business profile videos to number one in both google and youtube search results.e.g.

Irish Pub Melbourne

Port Douglas Dining

Marlborough Wine Region

Maori Wood Carving, Rotorua

Cheap NZ Bus Travel
In a change to our current online strategy, we are going to make overlander.tv the go to site for round the world travel videos, and not so much chase social media popularity, which we have discovered is no true measure of audience loyalty. We were the first the devise the much copied ‘Meet a Local’ theme (2001) and will continue along these lines; ‘It is the people you meet, not the places, that makes travel so rewarding.’

Filming on a fishing platform off the Kalimantan Coast


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